We are an SME established on the Istanbul Technical University Maslak Campus, Turkey in 2010. So far, we have completed six R&D projects supported by TUBITAK (tubitak.gov.tr) and KOSGEB (kosgeb.gov.tr).

Recently, we have developed a unique technique and novel system to produce  nanodiamonds. Nanodiamond is an extraordinary material that opens new horizons in many fields from medicine to industry. To date, these matters could only be produced in trace amounts at astronomical costs. We have a completely different and novel production system that allows industrial production volumes and costs to be much competitive for these special nanodiamond types. We would be glad to send samples for you to see the extraordinary qualities of Nadiamo nanodiamonds.

Our nanodiamonds are ultrasmall size and have regular spherical shapes between 1-5 nanometer range. Unlike detonation nanodiamonds, our products substantially comprise of carbon atoms without contamination of other elements. We produce boron doped and nitrogen doped nanodiamonds with our unique system. Nadiamo’s nitrogen doped nanodiamond is very magnetic without including additional iron or another element. It has nitrogen atoms and vacancies which enable it to be used in many medical and electronical purposes. It also has high electrical conductivity.