We have a unique production method and system that provide spherical and ultrasmall nanodiamond crystals. Diameters of these
nanodiamond spheres are between 1-5 nm range. We produce undoped pure nanodiamonds, Nitrogen Doped Nanodiamonds and Boron Doped Nanodiamonds. We can gladly send our industrial and medical production samples for academia and industrial consumers upon request.


Our ultrananocrystalline diamond essentially comprises nanodiamond crystals (%75) and some residual carbon (%25). As it is known this residual carbon (mostly amorphous) can easily be removed by ozone treatment. Consequently our ND can be used for medical purposes such as drug delivery. Unlike detonation nanodiamonds, our production does not contain any metallic or non-combustible impurities. The average size of primary ND particles lies in the range of 1-5 nm. ND crystals demonstrate spherical or polyhedral shapes.

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Nadiamo nitrogen doped nanodiamond is a highly magnetic product which also has high electrical conductivity. This is a very special material which can be applied in specific industrial and medical areas. It does not include any iron or another magnetic elements for providing magnetic properties. Relevant applications include super-resolution MR, multiphoton microscopy, medical imaging, diagnostic and treatment. 

Especially for medical applications our product should be further concentrated and prepared for each specific medical purpose. This is a raw material which can be functionalized for several biological purposes such as flourescence labelling, magnetic modulating, etc . 

Nitrogen doping and vacancy properties can be adjusted to meet specific demands upon request.  

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Boron doped electrically conductive nanodiamond is a highly special material in electrochemistry. We produce this material with our unique method as highly boron doped and highly electrically conductive. It is a very special electrode material in electrochemical applications. It can be used as an additive in batteries and supercapacitors for suppressing the growth of lithium dendrites. 

There are many publications describing the effect of  boron doped nanodiamond additives in battery and supercapacitor layers.   According to these research boron doped nanodiamond substantially prevents dendrite occurrence and short circuit problems along the battery life.

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